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Over the past decade, digital marketing has made its mark in the general marketing world in such a way that the way we see brand presence and positioning has drastically changed.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been at the heart of it. Appearing on the first page of SERP is almost like making the cover of a newspaper or a magazine.

The goal of an SEO campaign is to increase visibility and the ease of it. The end goal is to increase unpaid traffic and convert them into Marketing or Sales Qualified Leads.

Appearing above others on the Search Engine Results Page requires an intricate understanding of a business and what its customers want.

Our web analytics experts measure success indicators for specific industries and tailor campaigns accordingly. Our understanding of organic SEO is a result of years of experience and research. Be it on-page optimisation or off-page optimisation, we continue to learn and adapt in the rapidly updating scenario.

Any business that wants to expand and grow, cannot afford to miss out on measuring visitor movement on its website. Measuring website movement is as crucial as other important aspects of a business.

Each visitor’s movement is crucial as it provides you information, including:

  • The path used by the visitor
  • Identifying and measuring unique visitors
  • Time spent by the visitors on the website or webpage
  • Tracking their navigation away from a particular page

It is our willingness to go the extra mile that sets us apart. Getting a certification from Google or any other recognisable body is one thing, but the key to carrying out a successful SEO campaign lies in continuously learning not just the functioning of the search engines, but also of the personas that are targeted for this purpose.

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  • Improve Google Rankings

    Improving the organic results on search engines is done through a process that encompasses both on and off-site strategies as well as social engagement. While SEO is an ever-evolving professional practice, there are many foundational or traditional elements at its core. Below is a list of some of the best practices for SEO as well as more evolved and advanced techniques to guide webmasters and business owners toward better results online.

On Page

Site present status

Analysis site structure, no. of pages in the site, back links, how many pages have been index in search engines, is there any broken links in the site, any error related to code etc.

Keyword Research

Search keywords using different tools like Google Keyword Planner, Yahoo Search Marketing, Word Tracker, etc and select keywords on basis of high search volume and competition density

Detailed Competitors analysis

Track competitors ranking in search engines on the critical keywords list identified in the Keywords research.

Prepare Meta tags

Prepare meta (title, descriptions, keywords etc.) on basis of the keywords selected from the Keyword research.

Meta tags implementation

Implementation of meta tags for all pages of the site.

Site Tracking

Tracking ranking and traffic through Google analytics & web SEO tool.

Images & Alt tags

Implementation of all alt tags on image for image search.

Balance Keyword density

Analysis of keyword density on every page of the site

Meta tags implementation

Implementation of metas for all new pages added to the site.

Inter Linking

Inter Link the pages of website through the content keywords.

Re-prepare XML site-map

Prepare a xml site map for better search engine crawling.

XML site-map Submission

XML site-map Submission to Google/Yahoo/Bing Webmaster Tool

Robots.txt & .htacces

Check Updated robots.txt & .htaccess file

W3C Validations

Check & validate all pages in W3C

Canonical Issue Fixing

Implementing canonical tags on all pages

Off Page

Search Engine Submission

Submission in major search engines

Article submission

Article content submission

SEO Google Local & Products

Business Listing for all trageted products on business listing websites

Google Reach Local (Web Search Engine)

Adding or Claiming Your Business on Google My Business

Blog Posting & Sharing

Content posting & sharing of all trageted products in Blogs

Blog Commenting

Relevant Blog Commenting, Comments Posting

Classified Ads submissions

Classified Ad publishing for all Products

Social Book Marking Submission

Social Bookmarking submission/posting in all popular website

Reporting, Summary and Feedback

Manage Google Webmaster Tool & Google Analytics Tool

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