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For generations, copywriters have been at the heart of commercial content. They ensure that the commercial content strikes intellectual bonds with consumers, so that brands grow on them. Time hasn’t just changed, it is also limited. The goal of a short copy is to stimulate the intellect of the target audience quickly.

A short copy needs to be easy to understand, contain a powerful title that clarifies what you can expect. And a lead that pulls you into the rest of the story.

The choice of words however, isn’t just on those factors. It should also be done keeping in mind Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In the words of one of our senior copywriters, “The key is to set the business apart with original angles or humorous touches. Depending on the audience, we choose the words that work. After all, success comes from standing out, and not fitting in.”

A good copy is simple, yet has a significant impact.

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