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Well your marketing plan is nowhere near complete until you have covered the digital landscape.

With search, display and social media options available for your brand, there are innumerable executions across these mediums that help you reach your marketing and advertising goals. There millions of pages that your potential customers are browsing,; varied areas of interests and topics which they explore and seek & share information on; videos of all and every kind that they are viewing. To reach out to them you need a digital media plan that is efficient, fluid, responsive and effective.

Would blanket region targeting work or should we focus on a select few cities or areas for this campaign?

Would the category be of any interest to visitors of the most popular gaming site or fashion site?

If the objective is reach would a display network perform or social media campaign delivers better results?

The analytics show we are getting more leads from search but which platforms are delivering conversions?

Some of the questions our team in digital media are deliberating each and every day, just to ensure that the campaign delivers and the performance creates benchmarks for us and our clients.

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