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The meaning and utility of digital photos has drastically changed over a decade and a half. They are now used for web-based and printing utilities.

No matter what the nature of your business/profession is, if your work requires photographs and/or images, colour correction becomes essential to your work.

For stock agencies which deal with huge volume of images, it is a herculean task to colour correct each and every image to perfection. Be it for e-commerce websites or regular websites, be it social media or blogs, pages with shade-perfect images are essential to grab attention.

Even wedding photographers have to edit thousands of images before printing the wedding album. Outsourcing such a task not only saves time for the business, it also improves the quality of the work.

For us colour correction is ensuring that your images are perfectly light balanced and get correct tone. We take great care to get the perfect colour temperature, right exposure and tint to your images.

Our focus primarily lies on the following:

  • Colour balance
  • Highlighting and tone adjustment
  • Exposure
  • Digital enhancement
  • Contrast setting
  • Setting right temperature and tint

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Choc On

Chocolates are always an interesting category; and our work made it as interesting and desirable as the product was; with a celebrity endorser and a 360 degree communication focused on ‘Desire for Choc on’

Trusted by Clients Across Categories

Few of our prestigious clients