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IFFCO Tokio being a leading name in the field of insurance, needed a refreshing line of creatives to promote its brand. With a tagline of ‘Muskuraate Raho’ they intended to build a brand image that resonated with the thought of safety that precedes the whole concept of insurance.

The whole communication was built on a new school of thought which was slightly different from the traditional marketing that was being followed by insurance companies at the time.

These creatives were intended to speak to a wide range of audience seeking some assurance about the uncertainty that time can bring with itself. The production of advertising highly depended on the fresh perspective that the print mediums demanded at the time.

Not shy of trying out new things, Advel boldly came up with creatives that did not exactly conform to the norms of the insurance sector. The result was that we were able to reach out to wider range of people. Over time IFFCO Tokio adopted the creatives as a base for further work in marketing and advertising.

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