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Accuvue- Johnson & Johnson

Accuvue is a global leader in contact lenses. Being a product under the umbrella of Johnson & Johnson, the promotion had to be at par with the stature of the brand and the competition.

The campaign was more brand-based than product. The objective was to resonate with an audience that were or were not impressed with the idea of using lenses in an era when lenses were not the norm in the country. Even with the existing users of lenses, there were existing brands that had already made an impression. So, the challenge was not just to create a brand image, but also to fend off competition that was already standing on a firm ground.

Advel was able to do it with the use of beautiful imagery strategically placed & performed in locations for the core purpose of branding & messaging. Visual impact was the most important aspect of the project because of the nature of the product. Defying an underlying assumption that just product quality does it all when it comes to eyes, we focussed on creation & delivery.

The results were beckoning to the eye.

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